Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !
The holiday season is just about over.I have started taking down the Christmas decorations but have decided I will leave my snowmen and some of the greenery up for awhile.Then it won't be so bear all at once.The tree is next.
We had a quiet New Years Eve, just went out to dinner with a few friends.And made it home just in time to watch the ball drop.
Will be posting pictures soon.I need to get to my 2 spaces at the antique malls and get cleaning and rearranging.It's an in between time because it's too early for Spring.I guess I will have to get creative.

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Martha said...

Happy New Year! I cannot wait to see your photos, I really love what you have shown on your blog already. Good luck with the space. . .you could think spring!