Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Good Morning
Isabella is the one in the pink snowsuit.We'll be back on Friday.I hope to get better pictures.She loves skiing and it's very important to start young !!!


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Chris,

Yup - I had my hubby cut circles and we attached wooden knobs and I painted and distressed the wood. We do use clear bags for the trash.
In the big crock we use 2 paper bags. One for the paper, and one for cans, plastic and glass - we are allowed to mix them in our town. It works great!

Hope that answers your questions! hugs, Linda

Ann H. said...

Just found your blog through Ann Bedics Fabricating Woman blog. I remember the Purple Plum from a while ago when I was selling my little quilts on ebay. You bought a couple. Now I have my own website rather than selling on ebay. Hope you can take a look. I love all your photos.